Shilpa Shendage
UniAbex Alloy Limited

Dear Madam,

First of all thank you for giving such wonderful & knowledgeable training. And thank you very much for appreciating me. I am also looking forward to the next training session.

Shrinivas Dutta

Dear Ms Freyaz

First of all A very BIG THANK U for making the day ( 7th Nov ) wonderful for me because it gave a New Dimension to my Thinking and this will help me in better co-ordination with my colleagues.

Thank you for sending the One on One forms which will help me in completing the assignments in time. Looking for More Fun & Learning on 05.12.2008.

Seema Shelke
Uni Abex Alloy Products Limited

Dear Freyaz, Hi, Good Morning,

We shared a wonderful experience with you yesterday, with lots of knowledge and addition to our vocabulary. Many thanks for the same.

I want to share with you an experience I was able to have because of your training. The confidence you are trying to build within us allowed me to take one step further in my life. I took the initiative and spoke to my supervisor about presenting the send off ceremony speech for our Senior Mr. Nanal on Dec1, 2008. I have neither initiated an activity like this, nor have I presented publicly in my life before. The ceremony, took place on our company premises. I conducted whole the program confidently and was appreciated by everyone in the office including our President. Thus, I am accounting, Dec 1, 2008 as one of the best days of my life.

Really, this was only possible because of you. Please accept my sincerest gratitude.

Bharti Urala - Senior Manager-Corporate HR
Neterwala Group of Companies


I feel so good and so very confident, the feedback I am receiving about your training, re-enforces the belief that if we can make some difference to even a few people – it works. The ball is set rolling.

Raja Udaiyar - Service Engineer
Oil Filed Instrumentation

Hello Maam,

This is Raja.......... Raja Udaiyar........ I am really amazing on you u r being this much active ...... your class is really superb..... I enjoyed a lot. When I studied college, I used to skip my personality development class......but today I really enjoyed…..anyway thanks a lot.

Kishor Jashnani - Senior Executive HR
UniKlinger Ltd

Sent to The Corporate Senior HR Manager

Dear Bharti,

Several of our employees attended the KurNiv training last week. And one thing we would like to share personally is that this time we saw new flame in our team. Two employees specifically are very shy by nature and are not good public speakers. Secondly, they were carrying some fear in their mind, maybe of failure.

But, during the 23rd December session of Training, they opened up with new ideas. In the case of the first he has built up a strong confidence in himself. He was bold enough to speak in front of the whole team; he made a good presentation also. The second employee is now carrying good self-confidence, which was understood from the sharing he did while returning back to Pune with me.

Thanks a lot from the bottom of my Heart for arranging such good interactive sessions for our TEAM.

Do keep the flame of sharing & training ON.

Bharti Urala - Senior Manager-Corporate HR
Neterwala Group of Companies

Sent from Corporate HR to company specific HR Director and Managers

Hi Friends/Colleagues – I can actually see the palpable changes happening in Abex and I am so proud of each one of you. I could see the pepped up charge and enthusiasm of the team yesterday.

Keep up the good work and the team spirit!.

Bhavesh Dave - Finance Manager
Neterwala Group of Companies

In response to Deliverables and feedback that are part of the continuing education program

Dear Freyaz,

Good Morning!!!

I acknowledge the receipt of your feedback Form & thank you for your valuable feedback. I always believed in receiving such constructive feedback which highlights areas for me to improve. Will definitely work on the things mentioned & will enhance the value all across.

Again thanking you for distinctively remembering me & giving such feedback. Quite appreciated !!

Seema Shelke - Finance Manager
Uni Abex Alloy Products Limited
In response to Deliverables and feedback that are part of the continuing education program

Dear Freyaz.

Thank you for you all time support and encouragement.

Knowingly or unknowingly many times we take our colleagues granted. As a part of the homework, I got an opportunity to thank my colleagues, who help me in accomplishing my work more constructively.

This THANK YOU email has really worked out well. After sending these emails, I am finding a drastic improvement in the response and feedback time compared to what I used to receive earlier.

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