Working with Culturally Diverse Teams

Course Overview

Each human being is different and brings to the forefront his or her unique personality. When people are brought together in a team each brings these unique elements with them. The success or failure of a team depends on how well the differences and the similarities are then managed.

In a world that is getting smaller, people across countries and continents are doing business with one another. Understanding different perspectives and being aware of cultural nuances allows companies to create products and services for the global consumer.

As differences in work ethic, time commitment, business priorities, and communication styles are understood it lessens the challenges and frustrations that may have otherwise dominated the team dynamics. Misunderstandings among teams can lead companies to lose revenue. On an international level business deals may remain unsuccessful if teams cannot work through differences in their cross-cultural boundaries.

Understanding your team and maximizing its strengths is key to business success.

KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

Working with Diverse Teams the KurNiv way will allow you to:

  • Develop an awareness of the values, attitudes, and priorities of the various team members
  • Understand different cultural perspectives, as they pertain to team dynamics
  • Create effective communication tools to create effective dialogue
  • Appreciate diversity and the effect varied ideas can have on the ultimate deliverable
  • Learn to effectively address team challenges
  • Learn to effectively structure, plan, distribute and coordinate the work within a diverse team.
Course Content
  • Defining organizational culture, its parameters and goals
  • Developing an awareness of the cultural perspectives present within the current team
  • Creating an awareness of the different personalities with the current team
  • Learning effective communication strategies
    • Overcoming language barriers
    • Communicating virtually across borders
  • Outlining efficient team and project goals, deadlines and deliverables
  • Addressing issues and working through team dynamics challenges
  • Successfully working together and achieving all goals
Course Delivery

This course is delivered in three ways:

  • A 16 hour course delivered over two days
  • A 24 hour course delivered over 3 days, this includes KurNiv’s life line team building program
  • This course can also be designed and based on the business seeking the training. Customized courses will also take into consideration the number of team members, the physical project in hand and, where appropriate, results of personality testing. Client goals always play a significant role in the training.

Working with Diverse Teams courses are conducted at client offices, in any location worldwide.

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