Customer Service

Course Overview
In his book “In the Pursuit of Wow,” Tom Peters states that 70% of customers stop doing business with a company not because of price or product quality issues, but because they did not like the human side of doing business with the provider. A research study conducted by The Forum Corporation indicates that 45% of customers switch companies because the attention they receive is poor in quality. Over the years there have been many books and articles written about customer service, and in general executives concur that superior service is essential to success today.

Delivering quality service is what will make one organization stand out over the rest. This commitment to quality customer service must then be imparted and imprinted within each employee of the organization. Providing great customer service need not be a difficult task. Customers want to work with companies that care and they are willing to pay the requested price for the same.

Customer service training is not only important for those on the sales floor, or those on the phone, in fact servicing a customer successfully starts even before he or she purchases a product or service from your company.

With the advent of offshore call centers, support centers, manufacturing facilities etc. it is becoming important for companies to impart customer service training across cultures. Caring about your customers and taking care of their needs is a competitive edge companies can obtain regardless of location, size, product or service.
KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

Customer Service the KurNiv way will allow you to:

  • Understand how to handle inquiries to create lasting relationships with customers
  • Learn to respond to the needs of each individual customer
  • Attain client agreement to create a long-term relationship between the customer and company
  • Effectively manage conflict and other hard to handle situations.
  • Effectively give and receive feedback – agents to customers and managers to employees
  • Make better decisions in the development of customer service teams
Course Content
  • Learning to exceed expectations, in other words to over deliver
  • Effectively communicating customer options for issue resolution
  • Dealing effectively with angry customers
  • Understanding the customer’s perspective, but working within the company’s guidelines
  • Using the company’s long-term vision to aid in successful customer relationships
  • Understanding current agent-client communication barriers and obstructions
  • Using your current personality to your advantage – organization, conversation, follow up
  • Obtaining customer feed back at the end of a transaction – via phone or in person
  • Determining when follow up is required or when management needs to intervene
  • Using tone of voice and voice inflection to appropriately communicate
  • Learning how body language can impact a customer interaction – via phone or in person
  • Assessing case studies
  • Practicing the delivery of great customer service
Course Delivery

This is a 16-hour course, delivered over the period of two consecutive days.

For organizations and teams that wish to explore in detail one or more of the elements outlined in our course, an individual consultation will allow us to determine your needs and create a training to meet your organization’s objectives.

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