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You always have to walk to the top of the mountain to get the full view of the town below. It’s not that you can’t see the town when you are actually on its streets, it is just that when you are atop the mountain, you are able to see all the town’s streets, the road blocks, the pedestrians, and the traffic in one snapshot. When you are actually in town and walking its streets, you may not be aware of what is actually occurring outside your immediate purview.

KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS) will be your guide at the top of the mountain helping you look down and not only assess where the road blocks and traffic jams are, but also how to clear the roads so that there is a smoother and continuous flow without stop gaps.

Often times an organization has had steady growth over its tenure; however, it is not seeing the same success today. Personnel retention once easy to maintain, today may be not so easy for a particular company. Changes in location, economy, staffing, management, office expansion etc. may have caused changes in revenue or changes in organization operation which is affecting team morale, service output and product quality.

It helps during a time of change or a time of growth to have an outside perspective, from those with business knowledge. KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS) is able to provide just that perspective. Looking at the organization’s goals and recent changes the KNSS team will make recommendations to improve the company’s current concerns.

KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

KNSS will conduct interviews with all appropriate management team and department personnel. Employing a top down approach KNSS will understand the current company’s operations and goals. A brief analysis of the current competitive market will also be conducted. Throughout the process core executive team members, delegated at the outset of the project, will be consulted. Together KNSS and the company’s appointed executive team will develop a strategic plan that will aid the organization in overcoming its current obstacles and achieving its ultimate goals.

For businesses that function in more than one country, KNSS also offers
  • Detail recommendations by department for each of the company’s core operational areas:
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Finance
    • Other applicable areas of operation – company specific
  • Recommendations will include suggestions for:
    • Staffing and Employee Retention
    • Training
    • Procedure Setup
    • Employee Handbooks
    • Organization Charts
    • Successful Customer Retention
    • Competing effectively in the market
  Business Success Courses:
  Business Writing
Public Speaking and Presenting
Customer Service
Managing Team Diversity
Creating Organization Charts
Creating Employee Manuals
Conducting Effective Meetings
Team Building
  Cross Cultural Success:
  Understanding the Indian Business Mindset
Learning to Live in India
Understanding the American Business Mindset
Learning to Live in America
Working with Culturally Diverse Teams
  Skills Success Courses:
  Basic English
Diction & Speech
Use Your Voice
First Impressions
Thought Processes
Goal Setting
Creative Writing
  Success Tools:
  Business Evaluation
Business Evaluation Recommendations
Achieving Business Success
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