Thought Processes

Course Overview

This could lay fertile soil for the growth of the company. Any problem areas in perception will be targeted and logical and lateral thinking will be taught. This course will give the right perception to an individual towards the organization and help the individual achieve a sense of bonding with the company. It will help an individual to link his success with the growth of the company so that he can perceive his future with clarity

KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

It gives clarity to the employee thereby bringing in its wake unison of personal and professional goals This is a one of a kind service provided by KNSS which can boost employee performance in conjunction to the goals of the company It helps any employee completely understand;

  • Their position within the organization
  • How their duties are linked to the success of the organization
  • How the success of their peers and subordinates connects with them
  • What they need to change within themselves to achieve this success
Course Content
  Analysis will decide course content
Course Delivery

30 hours for 10 days.
This is necessary in order to have follow-up and interaction to gage progress and redirect additional efforts as and where required.

For organizations and teams that wish to explore in detail one or more of the elements outlined in our course, an individual consultation will allow us to determine your needs and create a training to meet your organization’s objectives.

  Business Success Courses:
  Business Writing
Public Speaking and Presenting
Customer Service
Managing Team Diversity
Creating Organization Charts
Creating Employee Manuals
Conducting Effective Meetings
Team Building
  Cross Cultural Success:
  Understanding the Indian Business Mindset
Learning to Live in India
Understanding the American Business Mindset
Learning to Live in America
Working with Culturally Diverse Teams
  Skills Success Courses:
  Basic English
Diction & Speech
Use Your Voice
First Impressions
Thought Processes
Goal Setting
Creative Writing
  Success Tools:
  Business Evaluation
Business Evaluation Recommendations
Achieving Business Success
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