Public Speaking and Presenting

Course Overview
Speaking well, commanding attention and having a capturing presence allow for great recognition, be it in business, politics, law, or community service platforms. Successful communication is the key to building strong relationships, delivering effective messages and, “making things happen.”

Professionals from all arenas of work and within all department levels may in time be asked to deliver presentations for senior management team members, the board of directors, clients, suppliers, or a group of business colleagues. And it is the professionals who speak well that will be able to set themselves apart from rest.

KurNiv Success Solutions’ (KNSS) will make public speaking and presenting a task that will become routine in daily operations, client solicitation, team building and other business related areas.
KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

Public Speaking and Presenting the KurNiv way will allow you to:

  • Deliver presentations with point, purpose and focus
  • Assess the needs or motivations of the target audience – why have they come to listen to you?
  • Leave the audience with “something to take home.”
  • Learn about various speaking and presentation styles
  • Increase confidence when speaking in public
Course Content
  • Organizing your ideas
  • Creating effective presentation structure
  • Getting the message across effectively
  • Outlining next steps and follow up items as necessary
  • Effectively using visual aids
  • Using appropriate body language
  • Developing a relationship with the audience
  • Tailoring content to suit the target audience
  • Impacting an audience through appropriate use of tone and voice
  • Preparing adequately for public speaking
  • Delivering presentations to audiences of all sizes
Course Delivery
This is a 16-hour course; it will be delivered over the course of two non-consecutive days. A brief period of one on one time will be required with each student to review their taped presentations, in between the training days and once again after the second day.

For organizations and teams that wish to explore in detail one or more of the elements outlined in our course, an individual consultation will allow us to determine your needs and create a training to meet your organization’s objectives.

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