Creating Employee Manuals

Course Overview

Buy a new phone today and it comes with an instruction manual. Want to travel, then you need to log on to the official government website of the country you want to visit, for the visa application process. Go to a restaurant and the menu will let you know what is available. Whether you are seeking a product or a service, whether you need tickets to travel or to an amusement park, at the core of it all the information has to be clearly outlined and readily available for you to effectively obtain whatever it is you need.

This should then be no different for employees working within an organization. Manuals outlining expectations, roles, responsibilities, an organization’s vision, structure, and goals should be readily available to all employees. This allows for all within an organization to not only know where they stand and how their needs as individuals can be met by their company, but it also allows the employees to share a common goal; thereby bringing them all together as one.

KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

Creating Employee Manuals the KurNiv way will allow you to:

  • Clearly understand company goals and objectives
  • Outline all process and procedures that will lead to company success
  • Create productive dialogue within your corporate structure
  • Create a trustworthy rapport with employees
Course Content
  • Defining the company vision
  • Creating corporate goals all employees can help the company achieve:
    • Customer related goals
    • Revenue related goals
    • Team growth goals
  • Defining job roles and responsibilities
  • Outlining procedures as may be important to employees
    • Performance reviews
    • Promotions
    • Leave policy
    • Termination process
    • Pension, health and other benefits
    • Filing grievances
    • Reporting employee or company policy abuse
  • Defining a process to outline all labor regulations that affect your employees
  • Effectively distributing the employee manual
  • Learning to use the employee manual in order to remain structured and organized
Course Delivery

This is an 8-hour course, delivered over the period of one day.

For organizations and teams that wish to explore in detail one or more of the elements outlined in our course, an individual consultation will allow us to determine your needs and create a training to meet your organization’s objectives.

KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS) can also create an employee manual for companies. Consultation meetings with the executive team and a working relationship with the human resource personnel will set KNSS on a successful path to create an effective employee manual.

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