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KurNiv Success Solutions graduated its first group of participants from the Live Learn Lead Level 1 Series in November, 2009. Of the 80 participants who began the program 20 successfully completed the 12 class series. Of the 20 graduates 100% of them were evaluated by their supervisors to be improved performers at work, bring a better attitude to the workplace, were given roles with expanded scopes of work or were given promotions.

Upon successful completion, Live Learn Lead is guaranteed to improve an individual's work ethic and motivation. A customized and hands on coaching approach walks participants through practical business and basic thinking skills which improves team, department & company performance.

Here are 5 success stories from our recent graduates.

Fayyaz Ansari: UniKlinger Ltd. Pune, India

When Fayyaz joined KurNiv's Live Learn Lead Program in October, 2008 he was a Sales Associate. Through a self-evaluation Fayyaz indicated that he had a short temper and got frustrated easily. He found it difficult to work effectively in groups and found that responses from colleagues and customers always required multiple follow ups. In February 2009, a follow up self-evaluation had Fayyaz stating the following:

It is very difficult to express the benefits of training in words, but I will still try, being willing to try is the first thing I have learned in training. Moreover, I have found an increase in the following qualities:
  1. Confidence
  2. Knowledge
  3. Communication Skill
  4. Rational Thinking
  5. Good listening
  6. Perfection
  7. Understanding things better
  8. Vocabulary
  9. Goal setting
  10. Team work

I have also found a decrease in the following qualities:
  1. Short temper
  2. Frustration
  3. To react immediately
  4. To talk harsh
  5. Unconstructive thinking etc.

Now I am trying to do the things differently and in a more effective & more logical manner:

  1. To get the things done faster I used to talk to the concerned person & sometimes I use to shout or get annoyed at the person, which I have stopped completely. Today, before the issue takes a wrong direction, I stop and involve the appropriate people and ensure that we follow protocol.
  2. Due to my increase in confidence & knowledge, I can now build relationships, both internal and external ones, more easily. Internal (Colleagues) relations help me to get my work done faster & external relations (Customers) help me to get the orders.
  3. Follow up pattern has changed; earlier I used to send Reminder I, Reminder II etc., now I write Request I, Request II. I have seen improvement in getting replies.
  4. Now I always send a thank you/ appreciation mail after completion of work which helps me to get the things done faster in the future also.
  5. This training has also helped me a lot in setting sales targets for the year 09-10.

In July 2009, Fayyaz was promoted to head of Spanish based operations for the company. He has proactively taken the lead to learn Spanish and is setting the course for his success. With his success, his company is growing too. Today the company is more effectively able to tap and service a market that will help grow their business by many folds.

Madhuri Dhara: Neterson Technologies Mumbai, India

Madhuri joined KurNiv's Live Learn Lead Program in October, 2008. She was a junior associate in the quality control department, who found it challenging to work with both her juniors & seniors. She found her way into the Program as directive issued by her boss. A letter, received at the end of the program, from Madhuri, outlined below, shows that there has been a huge change in her mindset.

Dear Freyaz,

First of all I want to thank you, for all the training sessions given to us, as you have improved my confidence level. I think positively and am able to motivate myself.

These types of sessions are very helpful in every aspect of life and the list is long, but I want to mention a few points which I find I have improved a lot:

  1. In tough situations I used to think I cannot do anything. Now I try to motivate myself and my team members in tough and challenging situations. I always chant in my mind "I can do anything" which helps me feel and do the right things at the right time and place.
  2. I used to look at all the problems together, so I used to feel overwhelmed and believe that there are no solutions for all these problems. Today I look at one problem at a time and I solve each problem one by one. "Focusing" on one particular thing at a time has helped me to have better solutions for every problem.

I believe in: "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."

The whole team's attitude depends on the leader's attitude, if you are a positive thinker and confident automatically your team members will have the same attitude. People will start believing you and trusting your work. I was confident but in some situations my confidence level used to become a bit shaky, this has improved a lot.

I was weak in making tough (do or die) decisions, which I find I have improved because now my seniors, subordinates and colleagues believe me and my work; this motivates me and has increased my confidence level and now I can take any kind of decisions personally and professionally.

Thank you Freyaz!

Vijay Mankar: UniKlinger Ltd. Pune, India

Vijay joined KurNiv's Annual Coaching Program in October, 2008. He was in the position of Sales Manager; however, he was shy and lacked finesse in presentation. Vijay is young, he is intelligent, and he is someone who wants to grow into a success. Recognizing these qualities his manager nominated him for the Annual Coaching Program. Vijay is currently still enrolled in the program, but a mid-course evaluation had him state the following: First of all I would like to share that I have been working with UKL for last Six years and this is the first time I have got an opportunity to meet people from other group companies. During training sessions we have interacted on different topics. Discussions and activities during our time together has helped us increase our confidence level. In addition to confidence, I have been able to improve the following:

First of all I would like to share that I have been working with UKL for last Six years and this is the first time I have got an opportunity to meet people from other group companies. During training sessions we have interacted on different topics. Discussions and activities during our time together has helped us increase our confidence level.

In addition to confidence, I have been able to improve the following:

  • Presentation skill
  • Communication
  • Team work etc.

I have learned what Motivation is and how it is linked with success and failure.

This training has helped me in setting goals more effectively and achieving them in the projected time.

I now also understand my strengths and weaknesses and how I can improve.

Daily I used to say THANK YOU to so many people; however learning to correctly thank someone, by adding the second part, i.e. to convey how it helped me is very important. This helps in building the relationships quickly and in a stronger way, which in turn helps me as a Sales & Marketing professional.

I have implemented the following at my workplace:

  • Thanking colleagues, customers etc in a proper way.
  • Motivating subordinates and colleagues.
  • Setting a day to day goal and using time effectively.
  • Focused efforts.

The ultimate benefit of the training is that, I could deliver my presentation in a better way this year during our All India Sales Conference in Pune.

In August 2009, Vijay was promoted to Head of Sales Operations for the Western Region, for specific products. The COO and Head of HR have noted the improvements in Vijay and have entrusted him with his new position. Today Vijay confidently makes presentations, sets goals for himself and his team and now has the foundation to successfully lead his sales team.

Yuvraj Bhandare: UniKlinger Ltd. Pune, India

Yuvraj joined KurNiv's Annual Coaching Program in October, 2008. He is a line staff employee in the Purchase department. He does not physically sit with his team. His office is located off-site so that he may coordinate activities with folks from the production department. Yuvraj lacked English language skills, he lacked confidence, he lacked the ability to effectively communicate his ideas and as such all this culminated into a consistent loss of temper, or ineffective work. Noting the progress from the Annual Coaching Program, his boss submitted the following letter to KurNiv:

Dear Freyaz,

Please note following benefits/change observed in Mr.Yuvraj Bhandare after we started training of Team Building at Thane.

  1. Confidence: Level of confidence has gone up & the same is reflecting in day to day assignments. "Stage daring" also got developed compared with earlier, it was 0 level.
  2. Responsibility & Dedication: Approach towards personal targets & achievement of these targets in a given time frame is 100% (earlier it was around 60%).
  3. Proactive: Yuvraj has become proactive in his all assignments. Failure due to negligence or overlooked items is not at all happening in his case.
  4. Thinking Process Has Improved: He is becoming a Positive Thinker.
  5. Keeping Short Term & Long Term Goals: He is achieving short term goals as per target. He understands clearly the link between Goal & Vision and he is now accordingly keeping personal & professional targets.

These are some important developments observed & some more will be followed as he continues the training.


Rajesh Nagare

Yuvraj currently works in conjunction with his team at the corporate office. The production team mates have also noted a change in Yuvraj's style of communication. There has been notable improvement in his motivation, communication and work productivity.

Ami Medirrata: Neterson Technologies Mumbai, India

Ami joined KurNiv's Annual Coaching Program in October, 2008. She is in a managerial position with her company. She is intelligent, extremely bright and full of marvelous potential. Ami always believed her way was the right way and was not always open to other opinions or perspectives, although she used to think she was very open minded. She was resistant to the coaching ideologies and methods, but participated in the sessions. During the 7th month of the program changes in Ami's mindset and team work were observed.

This training is helping me improve in the following areas:

  • I now understand the importance of being unflappable - We learnt this word in our December training, since then this word has grabbed my attention so much, may be because I feel this is one area where I need to improve.
  • Staying Motivated – This is another area I am trying to work upon. We all know that "A Professional is the one who can give his Best, under pressure." This is possible only when we are able to stay motivated in adverse situations.

I have already implemented "Positive Communication" that I have learnt in training and would continue improving upon the same:

  • My Job Profile is such that it requires communication with almost everyone, starting from clients, to Project Managers, Development teams, QA teams, HR Implementation teams etc. I consider Positive Attitude and clarity in communication as my strengths. If these strengths are mixed with Positive communication, it will contribute a lot to my personality as well as work. A harsh point conveyed positively almost changes the reaction of the opposite person.

Today Ami is working as a vital part of the team. Her ideas are both heard and received well by her team mates. She approaches her work, her team mates and their ideas in a positive manner which is allowing for a better working environment and greater productivity. Ami's inherent intelligence and the new changes she has made to her mindset as a result of KurNiv's Annual Coaching Program will allow her to proactively define her success; thereby leading her company ahead!

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