Live~Learn~Lead Program

How does KurNiv Success Solutions integrate OPERATIONAL RISK and CORPORATE COACHING?

KurNiv offers its Live~Learn~Lead Program. 8 hours per day, 1 day per month & 12 days per year.

Each month our KurNiv Success Coach covers a different topic. Topics are custom tailored to fit the goal and vision defined by the organization.

Examples of Company Defined Goals include:

  • Improve Delivery on Time
  • Improve Customer Service Ratings
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Inter-department Communication
  • Improve Written and/or Verbal Communication
  • Improve Presentation Skills
  • Facilitate the completion of a project across different regional offices

Each batch may have up to 20 participants.

  • The team of attendees must remain consistent. Unless a pre-determined employee leaves the company, there can be no substitutions
  • Attendees should have an attendance rate of 83%; this means no participant can miss more than 2 coaching sessions.
  • Depending on the defined goal, the team of participants must be in positions of influence to affect the required change.

KurNiv's Signature Live~Learn~Lead Series:

We take all the guess work out. Our three-tiered program helps redirect an employee's mindset in order to enable the company to develop the right talent, which can lead the company to growth and success.

Level 1: Begins to Change the Employee's Mindset, Increases Work Ethic, and Improves Processes

Level 2: Creates Proactive Employees, Improves Service, and Creates Synergy

Level 3: Enhances Communication, Empowers Employees, Effectively Designs and Executes Processes


  • Free Consultation with the Company to Define Areas of Operational Risk
  • Pre-Assessment of Participants
  • Monthly Reports of Participants' Progress to their Managers
  • uarterly interaction with Managers to assess each participant's progress


Ineffective processes and procedures or in other words inefficient operations create "gaps," and these gaps don't allow the company to function at its optimum level. When companies fail to identify these "gaps," they are exposing themselves to the possibility of suffering some kind of loss, which then leads to a loss of revenue. This possibility of suffering a loss is defined as "risk."

Operational risk is a gap in the company's processes which leads to the possibility of incurring a loss of revenue.

What is the relationship between Employees and OPERATIONAL RISK?

Lack of synergy between departments, unmotivated staff, employees who are not kept informed or updated and staff with skills that are not kept current may lead to even the best procedures and policies not to be followed. This then creates a gap and allows for operational risk.

Employees are a company's greatest asset and they are the ones responsible for creating, executing or following the processes defined by the organization. Many times it is the employees who can help a company identify its "gaps." Employees, performing the work, may even be able to offer suggestions on how to bridge these gaps. Companies, who proactively keep their employees informed, involved and empowered, see efficiency in operations and successful growth.

Educated and empowered employees decrease operational risk.


Learning strengthens the brain by building new pathways and increasing connections that we can rely on when we want to learn more. Children learn by building brain cell sequences; however, adults spend more time making new arrangements based on experiences. Learning requires energy; however, un-learning and re-learning requires even more.

Though humans like the familiar and are often uncomfortable with change; the brain searches for and responds to novelty. Rote learning frustrates us because the brain resists meaningless stimuli. When we invoke the brain's natural capacity to integrate information, however, we can assimilate boundless amounts. (

Unlike training, COACHING is a hands-on approach. COACHING ensures that participants spend more time interacting with the material, than listening to theory. Keeping in mind how the adult brain processes information, the brain's resistance to change and the company's ultimate goals, CORPORATE COACHING leads the adult brain through role plays, presentations, peer reviews and more to ensure:

  • Comprehension of the subject
  • Improved Communication
  • A stronger work ethic
  • Increased confidence
  • A positive work environment

In today's business environment, finding better ways to learn will propel organizations forward. Strong minds fuel strong organizations.



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