Learning to Live in India

Course Overview

Indian culture has many dimensions and is shaped by many elements: its rich history, religious diversity, foreign rule influences and population size. India has been on a steady path of economic growth for the last several years due to its technology boom and the entry of many foreign companies interested in offshore outsourcing in India. It is important to understand the Indian mindset in order to successfully live and work in India.

Many foreign companies “setting up shop” in India will require their personnel who are being posted here in India to understand and adapt to the Indian culture. Although an international assignment is exciting, it can also be a challenging one. It will be necessary to adapt relatively quickly to a new set of cultural rules, different social attitudes, varied communication styles and differing views about time management. Failure to understand a culture’s norms may lead to misunderstanding and frustration while trying to adapt to a new country.

KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

Learning to Live in India the KurNiv way will allow you to:

  • Understand India’s cultural nuances – historical, social, religious and spiritual.
  • Develop coping mechanisms for “culture shock” as they relate to housing, transportation, shopping and extra-curricular activities
  • Creating an awareness of seeking assistance with the housing market, medical services, banking services and other day to day living necessities.
Course Content
  • Historical and political overview of India
  • Indian economic environment: past and present
  • The importance of spirituality in the Indian culture
  • The role of religions in Indian culture
  • Understanding stereotypes and their role in the Indian culture
  • Navigating the population
  • Living with the weather
  • The role of domestic help and how to work with them
  • Conducting everyday business – grocery shopping, banking etc.
  • General strategies for living successfully in India.
Course Delivery

KurNiv’s Learning to Live in India courses are designed based on the area of the country to which an International client will be posted, or is setting up a business. These courses will also take into consideration the level of familiarity a client has with India and the Indian culture. Additionally all client goals along with duration of stay will also play a role in the training.

Learning to Live in India courses are conducted at client offices, in any location worldwide.

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