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To effectively compete in today’s world, a business needs to have a clear understanding of its goals, current position in the market and how to grow to new levels of success. Often in managing the “day to day” the overall picture is overlooked. Many times a company’s vision is not shared with its employees in efficient and effective ways. It is imperative that companies regularly evaluate their corporate culture and their corporate goals. Companies then need to evaluate their departments, processes and personnel to ensure that objectives are indeed feasible and achievable.

KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS) will assess an organizations current status as it relates to Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and other areas of operation as are applicable to an individual corporation or business. Discussions with key management team members will allow KNSS to clearly understand a company’s vision and goals. Where a company does not have a documented vision or listed goals, KNSS can assist in creating and structuring the same.

Understanding where a company is today and where it wants to be tomorrow allows the organization to not only see its future, but also clearly outline the steps it needs to take towards success.

KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

KNSS will use a top down approach for assessment. Starting with the corporate executive team and working down towards the interns of an organization KNSS will be able to provide a comprehensive report of company operations. This bound report will include:

  • Information about current company processes and procedures
  • The strengths and weaknesses within each department relevant to the review
  • Customer assessments and user reviews as is appropriate for the business
  • Details about vendor and supplier relationships with the company
  • Assessments, where relevant, about in-market competition and competitors
  • A summary outlining a company’s overall “health”
For businesses that function in more than one country, KNSS also offers
  • Cross cultural corporate evaluation, for existing businesses
  • Cross cultural market evaluation for companies interested in penetrating a new market; thereby, assessing for the country or countries of interest the following:
    • Social and corporate culture
    • Customs and social norms
    • Work Ethic
    • Political status and Legal system layout
    • Present economic status
    • Education norms and levels
    • Availability and qualification of potential personnel
    • Language requirements.

  Business Success Courses:
  Business Writing
Public Speaking and Presenting
Customer Service
Managing Team Diversity
Creating Organization Charts
Creating Employee Manuals
Conducting Effective Meetings
Team Building
  Cross Cultural Success:
  Understanding the Indian Business Mindset
Learning to Live in India
Understanding the American Business Mindset
Learning to Live in America
Working with Culturally Diverse Teams
  Skills Success Courses:
  Basic English
Diction & Speech
Use Your Voice
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Thought Processes
Goal Setting
Creative Writing
  Success Tools:
  Business Evaluation
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Achieving Business Success
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