Coaching Calendar 2011

Friday 1-Jul-11  
Saturday 2-Jul-11  
Sunday 3-Jul-11  
Monday 4-Jul-11  
Tuesday 5-Jul-11  
Wednesday 6-Jul-11  
Thursday 7-Jul-11  
Friday 8-Jul-11  
Saturday 9-Jul-11  
Sunday 10-Jul-11  
Monday 11-Jul-11  
Tuesday 12-Jul-11  
Wednesday 13-Jul-11  
Thursday 14-Jul-11 Creating Leaders-Day 1
Friday 15-Jul-11 Creating Leaders-Day 2
Saturday 16-Jul-11  
Sunday 17-Jul-11  
Monday 18-Jul-11  
Tuesday 19-Jul-11  
Wednesday 20-Jul-11  
Thursday 21-Jul-11  
Friday 22-Jul-11  
Saturday 23-Jul-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 1
Sunday 24-Jul-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 2
Monday 25-Jul-11  
Tuesday 26-Jul-11  
Wednesday 27-Jul-11  
Thursday 28-Jul-11  
Friday 29-Jul-11  
Saturday 30-Jul-11  
Sunday 31-Jul-11  
Monday 1-Aug-11  
Tuesday 2-Aug-11  
Wednesday 3-Aug-11  
Thursday 4-Aug-11  
Friday 5-Aug-11  
Saturday 6-Aug-11  
Sunday 7-Aug-11  
Monday 8-Aug-11  
Tuesday 9-Aug-11  
Wednesday 10-Aug-11  
Thursday 11-Aug-11 Creating Leaders-Day 1
Friday 12-Aug-11 Creating Leaders-Day 2
Saturday 13-Aug-11  
Sunday 14-Aug-11  
Monday 15-Aug-11  
Tuesday 16-Aug-11  
Wednesday 17-Aug-11  
Thursday 18-Aug-11  
Friday 19-Aug-11  
Saturday 20-Aug-11  
Sunday 21-Aug-11  
Monday 22-Aug-11  
Tuesday 23-Aug-11  
Wednesday 24-Aug-11  
Thursday 25-Aug-11  
Friday 26-Aug-11  
Saturday 27-Aug-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 1
Sunday 28-Aug-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 2
Monday 29-Aug-11  
Tuesday 30-Aug-11  
Wednesday 31-Aug-11  
Thursday 1-Sep-11  
Friday 2-Sep-11  
Saturday 3-Sep-11  
Sunday 4-Sep-11  
Monday 5-Sep-11  
Tuesday 6-Sep-11  
Wednesday 7-Sep-11  
Thursday 8-Sep-11 Creating Leaders-Day 1
Friday 9-Sep-11 Creating Leaders-Day 2
Saturday 10-Sep-11  
Sunday 11-Sep-11  
Monday 12-Sep-11  
Tuesday 13-Sep-11  
Wednesday 14-Sep-11  
Thursday 15-Sep-11  
Friday 16-Sep-11  
Saturday 17-Sep-11  
Sunday 18-Sep-11  
Monday 19-Sep-11  
Tuesday 20-Sep-11  
Wednesday 21-Sep-11  
Thursday 22-Sep-11  
Friday 23-Sep-11  
Saturday 24-Sep-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 1
Sunday 25-Sep-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 2
Monday 26-Sep-11  
Tuesday 27-Sep-11  
Wednesday 28-Sep-11  
Thursday 29-Sep-11  
Friday 30-Sep-11  
Saturday 1-Oct-11  
Sunday 2-Oct-11  
Monday 3-Oct-11  
Tuesday 4-Oct-11  
Wednesday 5-Oct-11  
Thursday 6-Oct-11  
Friday 7-Oct-11  
Saturday 8-Oct-11  
Sunday 9-Oct-11  
Monday 10-Oct-11  
Tuesday 11-Oct-11  
Wednesday 12-Oct-11  
Thursday 13-Oct-11 Creating Leaders-Day 1
Friday 14-Oct-11 Creating Leaders-Day 2
Saturday 15-Oct-11  
Sunday 16-Oct-11  
Monday 17-Oct-11  
Tuesday 18-Oct-11  
Wednesday 19-Oct-11  
Thursday 20-Oct-11  
Friday 21-Oct-11  
Saturday 22-Oct-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 1
Sunday 23-Oct-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 2
Monday 24-Oct-11  
Tuesday 25-Oct-11  
Wednesday 26-Oct-11  
Thursday 27-Oct-11  
Friday 28-Oct-11  
Saturday 29-Oct-11  
Sunday 30-Oct-11  
Monday 31-Oct-11  
Tuesday 1-Nov-11  
Wednesday 2-Nov-11  
Thursday 3-Nov-11 Effective Communication
Friday 4-Nov-11  
Saturday 5-Nov-11  
Sunday 6-Nov-11  
Monday 7-Nov-11  
Tuesday 8-Nov-11  
Wednesday 9-Nov-11  
Thursday 10-Nov-11 Creating Leaders-Day 1
Friday 11-Nov-11 Creating Leaders-Day 2
Saturday 12-Nov-11  
Sunday 13-Nov-11  
Monday 14-Nov-11  
Tuesday 15-Nov-11  
Wednesday 16-Nov-11  
Thursday 17-Nov-11  
Friday 18-Nov-11  
Saturday 19-Nov-11  
Sunday 20-Nov-11  
Monday 21-Nov-11  
Tuesday 22-Nov-11  
Wednesday 23-Nov-11  
Thursday 24-Nov-11  
Friday 25-Nov-11  
Saturday 26-Nov-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 1
Sunday 27-Nov-11 Magnificient Life Beginnings-Day 2
Monday 28-Nov-11  
Tuesday 29-Nov-11  
Wednesday 30-Nov-11  
Thursday 1-Dec-11 Effective Communication
Friday 2-Dec-11  
Saturday 3-Dec-11  
Sunday 4-Dec-11  
Monday 5-Dec-11  
Tuesday 6-Dec-11  
Wednesday 7-Dec-11  
Thursday 8-Dec-11 Creating Leaders-Day 1
Friday 9-Dec-11 Creating Leaders-Day 2
Saturday 10-Dec-11  
Sunday 11-Dec-11  
Monday 12-Dec-11  
Tuesday 13-Dec-11  
Wednesday 14-Dec-11  
Thursday 15-Dec-11  
Friday 16-Dec-11  
Saturday 17-Dec-11  

  Business Success Courses:
  Business Writing
Public Speaking and Presenting
Customer Service
Managing Team Diversity
Creating Organization Charts
Creating Employee Manuals
Conducting Effective Meetings
Team Building
  Cross Cultural Success:
  Understanding the Indian Business Mindset
Learning to Live in India
Understanding the American Business Mindset
Learning to Live in America
Working with Culturally Diverse Teams
  Skills Success Courses:
  Basic English
Diction & Speech
Use Your Voice
First Impressions
Thought Processes
Goal Setting
Creative Writing
  Success Tools:
  Business Evaluation
Business Evaluation Recommendations
Achieving Business Success
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