Understanding the American Business Mindset

Course Overview

The ups and downs of the American economy still have reverberating effects on the economies of the world. The American economy is the worlds’ largest and American businesses today are working successfully outside the borders of the United States. America is home to nine out of the ten top global companies and it is becoming more and more important to understand how Americans do business not only for those who want to do business in America, but also for those who work with Americans from or within their respective countries.

KurNiv Success is Tied to Your Success

Understanding the American Business Mindset the KurNiv way will allow you to:

  • Understand the key drivers of the American economic market today
  • Learn how the economic market is, shapes the relationship between supply and demand
  • Be aware of how to leverage the American workforce by learning about American culture
  • Know how to work remotely with American counterparts, partners, suppliers & colleagues
  • Create an awareness of how to interact with your American business counterparts on a social level
  • Detail the American cultural values and business behaviors prevalent today
Course Content
  • Historical and political overview of America
  • American economic environment: past and present
  • American culture: religions, beliefs and customs
  • American cultural values and attitudes in the workplace – time conscious, hierarchy, individualism
  • American cultural attitudes outside the workplace – at home and at business events
  • A typical American corporate structure – the role of org. charts and management roles
  • American communication styles – direct, clear, use of humor, focused on “getting the job done.”
Course Delivery

This is an 8-hour, one-day course.

For organizations and teams that wish to explore in detail one or more of the elements outlined in our one-day course an individual consultation will allow us to determine your needs and create a training to meet your organization’s objectives.

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