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Globalization is indeed shrinking the world and in the business world boundaries are disappearing. Whether a corporate, a multinational or a local business, in some way, shape or form it is affected by how business is being done globally:

  • An accepted standard and norm for doing business be it through written communication, deal finalization or corporate responsibility, is slowly emerging.
  • Globalization is shaping a customer’s requirements and demands for not only superior products, but also outstanding service.
  • With competition at its highest, creating teams with gender, age, expertise and general diversity, is becoming crucial for businesses to understand consumers and their needs.
  • Communicating with team members, understanding their unique perspective and managing efficient teams now determines the success or failure of a project more so than it ever did in the past.

KurNiv Success Solutions (KNSS) designs organizations to effectively compete in today’s constantly growing and changing global market. KNSS successfully accomplishes this by:

  • Integrating the diversity of an organization’s human capital into a structural whole
  • Motivating this structural whole to then move the company towards well-defined success
  • Developing individual, team and corporate goals which help define success
  • Shaping thought processes to align with the corporate goals, while understanding personal goals
  • Delivering business success by teaching business skills, life skills, soft skills, job skills and language skills.

KurNiv Success Solutions understands that it is the human capital of an organization that plays the most important role in business success and it is not always about how to effectively manage the personnel, but many times it is more about making sure a company’s workforce understands not only its job, but also other elements that can lead to successful growth for the company, these factors include:

  • Understanding the company’s vision
  • Learning to expand their thinking to allow companies to achieve their goals
  • Appreciating and working with change and diversity
  • Relating their personal growth to the growth of the company

KNSS teaches people to think in terms of growth. Thought processes mold a person, but quite contrary to popular opinion, thinking is not inherent to a person; it is learned. Understanding thought processes, helps us shape them and once in shape working consistently on the same allows for growth. This then can effect customer service, team management and revenue growth. Additionally, with a myriad of job opportunities opening everyday, Companies spend huge amounts of funds to continually train and employ new people. KNSS helps the Company to formulate a “stick to the job” plan.

KNSS brings value addition to a growing organization. An employee’s skill and effectiveness does not grow with the size of the organization. As employees are promoted and job profiles changed their skill sets too should grow to meet the needs of the company’s goals. A well-designed and implemented training program within an organization helps ensure that the skill requirements of an employee are growing and are in alignment with the needs of a company’s growth.

KNSS defines organizations. To further compete successfully executive management needs to constantly update itself on the potential of effectively using common business tools such as organizational charts, employee handbooks and setting goals. All three of these elements, when created accurately and used appropriately can prove to have a significant effect on company’s personnel retention and revenue bottom line.

KNSS has amazingly discovered that most Companies, in viewing the big picture forget that it is only an assimilation of small finer dots that form or deform the picture. KNSS will assimilate your dots for you!

  Business Success Courses:
  Business Writing
Public Speaking and Presenting
Customer Service
Managing Team Diversity
Creating Organization Charts
Creating Employee Manuals
Conducting Effective Meetings
Team Building
  Cross Cultural Success:
  Understanding the Indian Business Mindset
Learning to Live in India
Understanding the American Business Mindset
Learning to Live in America
Working with Culturally Diverse Teams
  Skills Success Courses:
  Basic English
Diction & Speech
Use Your Voice
First Impressions
Thought Processes
Goal Setting
Creative Writing
  Success Tools:
  Business Evaluation
Business Evaluation Recommendations
Achieving Business Success
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